From our center

¡We look at the world!

At 1123 we believe in the value of each essence to create realities that transform.
Co- Creating the smiles of the future

Thanks to technological innovation and collective consciousness, today it is possible to co-create a Community that transcends a freer and more prosperous society.

We are moved by what we are:


Personal, collective and economic freedom to be and live your way.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit as transformer of our reality and generator of value.

Social conscience

Generate opportunities that allow the growth of each person willing to achieve it.


Sustainability and Development

Our future is determined by today’s actions. We work with a holistic vision for the sustainable development of our society.

Lead your way and join us on this journey

business model

In 1123 Bio we break the traditional schemes and connect from the experiences of people who have already walked the path. Meet our events and unleash the potential
that is in you.

There is a natural way of doing business

¡Discover it and create your own way!